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About Anna Ghalumian

Hey! Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to know each other…

Growing up in a home where education was highly valued, like many, I was aspiring to either the follow the footsteps of my mother into medical school or to becoming a diplomat like my father. 

Shortly after embarking on the journey to pre-med, I realized that my passion for medicine was in major conflict with my intense distaste of all bodily fluids. 

It did not take me a minute longer to decide to enroll in pre-law courses instead. 

I was always in competition with myself and the world around me and one way to set myself apart, at the time, was to enroll in massive amounts of courses while working multiple jobs. 


I was able to rush through life and managed to get my B.A. in Psychology and Social Behaviours in a span of two years, and later managed to finish law school within 2.5 years, finishing magna cum laude along with being recognized for a various Honorary certificates and accolades.

 I began working as a litigation attorney representing multi million and billion dollar corporations, all-the-while thinking that I am living my own version of the American Dream. 

Yet, it took less than a second to crash everything I had worked so hard to build…

Within a flick of a finger, I was no longer able to move and was soon listening to a lineup of doctors tell me that my time is likely up. 


The life that followed was absolutely miserable. Fighting for the right to live, while battling the ability to live it in full physical capacity was truly the most challenging hardship I have ever faced.


Despite all odds, and with the most unimaginable divine intervention, I feel so blessed to have made it to the other side of not only living, but also achieving an incredible quality of life no physician thought would be possible. 


While this journey was the most difficult challenge I had to ever face, it was also one of my greatest blessings in life as well.  It gave me a completely new perspective on life and taught me the true value of time. We simply don’t have enough of it to waste… 

Having been blessed with a second chance at life, I knew that a lot had to change. 

Rather than continuing on the path of exchanging my time for money, I realized that the only way to continue to live with purpose was to work hard to attain financial freedom, and freedom of time to spend it with those who matter most in life.  

 An additional perspective I gained through the myriad of trials I had undergone was that the only aspects of my life which did not crumble as I lay helpless in the hospital bed, were my real estate investments I was fortunately guided to make prior to the start of what I thought to have been my downfall. 

 I pushed myself to overcome my physical limitations and once I made it to the other side of the tunnel, I worked on opening and managing a series of various businesses, used the funds to create and expand a real estate portfolio, which at this point included commercial properties as well. 

I realized that while I had the incredible opportunity to turn these business ventures into quite successful ones, that my true joy and passion was in real estate.

I not only thrived on engaging in these ventures myself, perhaps even more so, I THRIVED on helping my sphere proceed on their journeys to home ownerships  and later progress to becoming real estate investors in both the commercial as well as residential realms. 


This intense passion is what gave birth to the idea of opening Gateway Of The American Dream (GATD)!  


GATD was born to fill the gap from ordinary real estate into extraordinary and elevated real estate. 

 We utilize the best & latest technologies to help find the best properties suited for your needs in any given market.


We have implemented the knowledge I had gained from over a decade of investing, with the negotiation skills I perfected as a lawyer, with the marketing skills I developed as an entrepreneur to offer you something truly exceptional. 


GATD’s journey to excellence will never forget the element of the heart. After all, the inception story of GATD was based on the altruistic intention of helping elevate humanity. 


This is why we have incorporated various specialty programs which include a mission to help families undergoing severe hardships.


Whether it be divorce, job loss, financial hardships, the death / disability of a loved one, the presence of tax liens, or an impending foreclosure, my goal through GATD is to serve as a reminder that behind every closed door, there is hope.


This is why your listing options through GATD are not limited to traditional listings, but also include a variety of creative strategies that we can customize together depending on the situation you are facing.


Whether it be cash buyers, a trade in program, a rent-to-own program, providing assistance for seniors to transition into senior living facilities, or selling through a short sale, we are here to make sure that the priority is always on YOU.


Today, I’m grateful to be helping people buy and sell homes and expand themselves into the commercial real estate space  at the best terms in San Antonio and Austin through GATD! 

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